Collection Services

Collection Services

Merchants and Professional Collection Bureau, Inc. has specialized in debt recovery for the past fifty-three years. Our collection process and procedures provide an excellent return for our clients without creating ill will in the community. This reputation has earned us hundreds of loyal clients, as well as the exclusive endorsement of the Travis County Medical Society for the past thirty years. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best net return possible. We do this through competitive pricing, outstanding customer service, state of the art technology, and the sincere desire to be considered by our clients as the best collection service they have ever employed.

Why Choose Us?

  • No hidden cost, no membership dues, and no cost per letter mailed.
  • A simple policy of: no collection—no fee.
  • Very competitive rates with flexible pricing for volume accounts.
  • The ability to report accounts to the three major credit repositories on a monthly basis, unless you specify otherwise.
  • Highly trained and professional debt recovery agents.
  • The required Texas bond. Texas bond # 775224102TX
  • Client View – our secure client login allows you to view your accounts, report payments and enter new accounts.
  • Comprehensive quality control to ensure the highest ethical standards are met.

Whether you are looking for medical billing collections for a dental office or a hospital, our team will deliver excellent results while maintaining your reputation and customer relationships!

They respond to our inquiries immediately and are willing to accommodate our needs. We recommend their services to other businesses and healthcare providers.

CEO Client since January 2010

You work hard for your reputation, trust us to protect it.

While our methods have changed through the years, our core principals have not. Businesses should trust their reputation and their customer’s dignity only to an agency that will represent them professionally.

We do not do “hard nosed” collections; we will not abuse or threaten your clients. We will always maintain a high level of professionalism and diplomacy while remaining persistent and diligent in our collection efforts on your behalf.

Our representatives are highly trained and understand that we have a responsibility to treat all individuals with the utmost respect while collecting your overdue receivables.